Preparing for Disaster

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We live in California - we shake, we bake, and when it floods, we float. Life changing earthquakes, storms and other disasters aren't planned ahead, but planning ahead for your response to disaster will determine how well you, your family and your neighbors, are able to weather the storm or roll with the quake.

Depending on the type of disaster, City, State and Federal agencies may be called on to secure life and property, and return services to citizens. However, all residents need to understand that during a major disaster, emergency services may be overwhelmed and it might be several days before basic services are restored. All residents should be prepared to be self-sufficient for up to 72 hours after the occurrence of a major disaster.

The information below will allow you and your family to start your preparations on how you will survive and live during and after a disaster. This is not a complete list of resources, but will get you started!

Vacaville Community Emergency Response Teams (VCERT)

VCERT is a joint effort between the Vacaville Police and Fire Departments. VCERT teams instruct neighborhood residential teams in preparation, first aid, basic rescue and other information to ensure the health and welfare of families, neighbors, businesses, and communities while emergency services are busy, immediately after a disaster. Click here for more information.

Build a Kit & Create a Plan

The first 72 hours after a major disaster are critical. A disaster kit will help your family self-sufficient if basic services are not available or emergency services are delayed. A disaster plan can assist family members with communications, help with basic first aid, and allow for initial clean-up to be started. 

 Tips on building a kit and creating a plan can be found at: 

        City of Vacaville's Recommended Items  

A Seniors Guide to Disaster Preparedness has been created by the Vacaville Senior Roundtable and the Vacaville Fire Prevention Bureau to assist Vacaville's Seniors in preparing for a disaster.

Learn more about the types of disasters that may occur in Vacaville: