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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, better known as CPR, is an invaluable skill that can be learned in an eight-hour class and that can one day help you save a life. The purpose of CPR is to keep blood flowing to the heart and oxygen moving in the lungs of a person who is not breathing and whose heart has stopped beating. CPR is a series of compressions that can be performed on a person in this condition.

Dispatchers in the City of Vacaville Communication Center are trained as Emergency Medical Dispatchers. That means that they are trained to give instructions over the phone for certain types of medical emergencies. When a person calls 911 for somebody who is not breathing, the dispatcher will ask a series of questions and can then walk the person through CPR if warranted. Although this service is available, we do recommend learning CPR before an actual emergency arises.


  • View the Parks and Recreation Department Events Guide or go to CivicRec for classes provided by the City of Vacaville.
  • Visit the Bay Area Chapter of the Red Cross.
  • Look under First Aid Instruction in the yellow pages to find a listing of businesses that provide CPR classes.

The Fire Department does not provide CPR classes to the public. We hope that CPR is a skill you will never have to use, but being prepared for an emergency might make the difference between life and death.