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Training Division

The Vacaville Fire Department is committed to maintaining the highest level of training available for our members. The Training division is tasked with setting the bar of expectation for the department in regards to training. As technology in our society changes so does the need for updates to training and adaptations to procedures in dealing with new dangers in our homes and city. Our firefighters must stay on the cutting edge of these changes so they are prepared to handle any situation that they are confronted with. Here are just a few types of training that our firefighters are trained in:

  • Structural Fire Fighting
  • Wild Land Fire Fighting
  • Hazardous Material Response
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • High and Low Angel Technical Rescue
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Trench Rescue
  • Emergency Scene Command and Control
  • Swift Water Rescue

New Personnel Training
New firefighters with the City of Vacaville Fire Department are required to complete a 14 week orientation academy. The academy was created to teach the new firefighters the basic skills needed to start a career with the City of Vacaville Fire Department. Once the academy is complete the new recruits will start building on their basic skills and will be taught more advanced techniques in handling emergency incidents. They will be challenged and tested over the next 18 month to make sure that they are capable to provide the best service to our citizens.

Special Operations Training

Training for high-risk, low frequency events such as Hazardous Materials releases, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Confined Space Rescue and other technical rescues is the function of the Department’s Special Operations Training. It is extremely important that we conduct training in these areas due to their infrequency and specialization. Training in these highly technical areas is often mandated by federal, state, or local laws as well. Special operations training for our Department is delivered to teams of select people who then provide the training to the rest of the Department’s personnel. Special operations training improves our service capabilities in handling the events that pose the greatest risks to our firefighters and our community.