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  Deputy Chief Nourot

Field Operations Division delivers all of the Fire Department’s emergency response services and plays an important part in delivering many other non-emergency services.  This division responds to all calls for 9-1-1 relating to fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials releases, and other specialized rescue situations such as flood rescues.  They are divided into three operational “shifts” (A, B and C shift) commanded by a Battalion Chief.  The emergency response personnel are deployed from five fire stations within the City’s 28 square miles.

The Emergency Medical Services program provides paramedic services for over 160 square miles, including paramedic ambulance transport services to both State prisons in Vacaville and emergency ambulance transportation service.  Our ambulance transportation service is one of the oldest fire department based programs in Northern California, approved by the City of Vacaville voters in 1977.  Today, our paramedic-firefighters respond to thousands of medical emergencies annually, and are able to expedite the movement of patients to a variety of area hospitals without interrupting the continuity of medical care.