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For Residents

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ResidentsWe have multiple types of information for the Vacaville residents. You can look through the pages to find out about After the Fire, our MEDS program, and a Homeowner Wildlife Assessment. It is a wide range of information that everyone should look through.

The Vacaville Fire Department wants the residents to be as safe and prepared as possible. Our MEDS Program is a good idea for everyone to participate in. If you go take a look at that section you will find out a way to keep the first responders informed of your medications, reactions and medical history. It is as simple as placing a sticker on or around your front door. Another available section is our Homeowner Wildlife Assessment and it helps you find our how vulnerable your yard is to a wildfire.

After the Fire is another way that we continue to serve. It is full of tips on what to do after experiencing a fire in your home. From property insurance to documents and records, we try and do everything we can to help.

If you have any questions or need to know about other information, feel free to call us at (707)-449-5452.