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Kid Fest

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Vacaville Fire Department participates in the City of Vacaville’s Kid Fest at Andrew’s Park every fall. There are several activities for children to participate in as well as fire engine and ambulance displays and an information booth for parents.

In 2019, Vacaville Fire debuted the "Fire Safety House" that you see in the picture to the left. Inside of the house you will find rooms similar to the rooms in your own home! Fire safety messages are displayed on the wall including candle safety, kitchen rules, and knowing two exits out of every room. 




One exit from the safety house includes crawling low under smoke. This teaches children to crawl low under the bad air or smoke that rises to the top of the room.

These safety messages are important for children to learn. Not only are they having fun while walking through the safety house but they are also learning about the different aspects of fire safety!