Special Permits

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What are Fire Permits, Why are they Required?

Authorized by Article 1 of the California Fire Code (CFC), permits are used as a tool to enhance fire and life safety. They grant permission to individuals or businesses to conduct hazardous processes as defined in the CFC. There are two types issued that cover annual requirements and special activities.

Examples of annual permits include:
  • Flammable/combustible liquids storage, use and handling
  • Hazardous materials storage
  • Motor vehicle fuel dispensing stations
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Places of public assembly
  • Aircraft repair hangers
Some examples of special activities permits include:
  • Carnivals, fairs and special events
  • LPG tank installations
  • Parade floats
  • Tents, canopies, or temporary membrane structures
  • Open burning
  • Fireworks displays
Many of these processes and activities present significant hazards to people and the environment. Technical inspections are conducted on these operations to ensure compliance with current fire and safety codes and/or regulations. Permits are then issued as official documentation and proof of compliance.

What is the Process for Getting a Permit?

Annual Permit requirements are determined by the fire inspector during the initial inspection of a new occupancy. Businesses requiring annual permits are then placed on an annual inspection cycle. The following steps take place for permit renewal when this inspection has been successfully completed:
  • Once all identified code violations have been corrected, the Application and Invoice for Permit form is completed and signed by the owner/representative and inspector. Permit titles, codes, and fees are annotated, a copy is given to the owner/representative for their records, and the original is turned in for processing.
  • You will be notified within 30 days that the permit is ready, and will have an additional 30 days to pay for and obtain the permits, either by mail or in person, at the Fire Administration section of City Hall. Be aware that permits not paid for and picked up may be subject to citation and fines for each day past the 30 day time limit.
  • Once you receive the permits, they should be displayed in a conspicuous location within the business or area in which the permit has been issued for.
Special Permits are used for temporary projects or public displays, and are issued a little differently:
  • Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at least 30 days prior starting any construction projects, modifications to fire and life safety systems, open burning, or public events or displays to determine exact permit requirements.
  • Once you know a permit is required, applications and payment can be completed at the Fire Administration desk. Please have the project or event location, start and finish dates, and contact information available when you fill out the application. 
  • An inspection will be scheduled prior to the start of the event/project, at which time the fire inspector will identify discrepancies and ensure applicable fire and life safety requirements are met. All discrepancies will be corrected to the satisfaction of the inspector before the project/event begins. The permit will then be signed by the inspector and given to the event/project representative, and be kept on site for the duration of operation.
Can a Permit Be Suspended or Revoked?

Permits can be suspended or revoked for the following reasons:
  • Used by someone other than the person it was issued to.
  • Used for a location other than it was issued for.
  • If any of the conditions or limitations listed on the permit have been violated.
  • If there was willful neglect or failure on the part of the permittee to comply with orders or notices within the specified time limits required by the fire code.
  • If any false statements or misrepresentation of facts occurred during the application portion of the permit process.
  • If the permit was issued in error or in violation of an ordinance, regulation or the fire code
Additional Information

For additional information or guidance on permit issues, please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at (707) 449-5453, FAX (707) 449-5486, or e-mail us at fire@cityofvacaville.com