Leaks and High Water Usage

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The City of Vacaville recognizes that there are circumstances which result in the unintended high use of water. Leaks are often silent or invisible. Although detection and repair of leaks on the property and/or the property owner's side of the meter are the responsibility of the customer, the City of Vacaville may make an adjustment to your bill in some circumstances.

An eligible water customer who suspects or discovers a leak shall contact Utility Billing Customer Service Staff at (707) 449-5128 to request an inspection by Field Service Staff.

If you had a water leak on your property, but it has been fixed, you can send us a copy of the repair bill and/or a short letter explaining what happened and the date of repair. After we review the information, we will consider adjusting your bill to compensate for the excess water used

If you would like to monitor your water usage or check for leaks by examining your meter, you can find information on How to Read Your Meter and Checking for Leaks by Reading your Meter by clicking here. 

Click here for information from the Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department.