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How to Read Your Meter

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Can I read my meter to check my water consumption?
Yes, you can. At most Vacaville houses the water meter is located near the curb in the front yard. Most meters have a single large dial resembling a clock, with a bar of either five or six digits that look like your car odometer. It reads like an odometer too. Meters measure water use in cubic feet, with each cubic foot equaling 7.48 gallons. Each revolution of the “clock hand” measures one cubic foot, which registers on the digital bar. The far right digit measures cubic feet, the next digit over measures tens of cubic feet, the next measures hundreds, etc.

To calculate gallons used, pick a starting point, and record the number on the digital bar. Wait a week, then read it again. Subtract the previous reading from the current reading to get your water use in cubic feet. Multiply this number by 7.48 to calculate how many gallons you have used.

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