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Design Services for Park Master Plan Approval and Engineering Services for Park Construction Documents for Eleanor Nelson Park

Addendum No. 1 - Nelson Park RFP

Phase One: The selected Consultant will provide landscape architecture, park design and planning services to the City of Vacaville for the community park including, but not limited to: preparation of conceptual, preliminary, and final park design plans, including layout, general grading contours, and design of recreational amenities and play areas, basic landscaping theme; design of park seating/gathering areas, walkways, and major components of park infrastructure.  The consultant will prepare an estimate of probable costs to demonstrate that the project is buildable within the budget.

Phase Two: The selected Consultant will provide landscape architecture and engineering services to the City of Vacaville for the new neighborhood park in the form of final construction documents including, but not limited to a grading and drainage plan, layout plan, play equipment layout plan, irrigation plan, planting plan, construction details, and other trades’ sheets as necessary, and technical specifications.  Construction cost estimates shall also be provided.

Any questions about this process or project-specific requirements may be directed to Reggie Hubbard via e-mail only, at Questions concerning the RFP shall be submitted via e-mail. 

The City will only answer questions on the RFP through January 3, 2019, in order to allow sufficient time to research and respond to all questions via addendum if necessary.

Proposal hard copies must be received no later than 4:00 PM on JANUARY 14, 2019.


Sports Fields Park Proforma and Feasibility Assessment

The City of Vacaville, Community Services Department is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to develop a Proforma and Feasibility Assessment for the proposed Sports Fields Park. The overall project will eventually require a master plan and environmental review. Because the new Sports Fields Park offers so much potential for provision of additional facilities and revenue, the master plan effort is intertwined with the Proforma and Feasibility Assessment and cannot be completed without fully coordinating with the assessment.

This project proposes the development of a new Sports Fields Park located at the NW corner or Lewis and Fry Roads. Sports Fields Park is an undeveloped parcel resulting from the city’s development of the Easterly Waste Water Treatment Plant on Easterly Road. It is the third largest park site in the City’s system. Totaling approximately 68-acres, this relatively level parcel is oriented North/South with a drainage ditch bisecting the site east to west. There are an additional 9.7-acres north of the drainage ditch which may be available for inclusion. The City believes there is great potential for developing a multiple sports field complex at this location due to the relative slope, accessibility and available recycled water for irrigation of natural grass fields.

Sports Fields Park Proforma and Feasibility Assessment

Responses to questions received re: Sports Field Park Proforma and Feasibility Assessment


Vacaville City Hall
City Clerk’s Office
650 Merchant Street
Vacaville, CA 95688

Any questions about this process or project-specific requirements may be directed to: Jim Simpson via e-mail at NOTE: Jim’s schedule is part-time 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.