Staff Directory

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Alexander, FredMaintenance Worker IIPublic Works Department(707) 469-6500
Adiego, WayneEquipment Mechanic IIPublic Works Department(707) 469-6500
Anunciacion, AntonetteLaboratory AnalystUtilities Department(707) 469-4107
Alfonso, CarlosLab AnalystUtilities Department(707) 469-6434
Azevedo, ChadFire CaptainFire Department(707) 449-5437
Ayala, DorisFinance SupervisorFinance Department(707) 449-5302
Aschenbrenner, DorothyAdministrative Clerk (PT) - PD AdminPolice Department(707) 449-5213
Ash, GretchenCommunity Police Outreach SpecialistPolice Department(707) 449-5432
Austin, JeffControl Systems Technician Utilities Department(707) 249-2151
Arnett, JefferyStreet Maintenance SupervisorPublic Works Department(707) 469-6542
Albright, JenniferWater Service Representative I PTFinance Department
Apodaca, JoeUtility Plant MechanicUtilities Department(707) 249-2841
Alderton, JosiahPolice Officer - PatrolPolice Department(707) 469-4868
Aguilar, KimberlyHousing TechnicianHousing and Redevelopment Department(707) 449-5630
Altamirano, LluvicaManagement Analyst - PDPolice Department(707) 449-5285
Adame, MatthewPolice Officer - YSSPolice Department(707) 449-6035
Amichai, MayaPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development Department(707) 449-5146
Armstrong, Micaela Accountant IFinance Department
Arances, NicoleCommunity Service Officer - PatrolPolice Department
Ahmad, RiazLaboratory Analyst Utilities Department(707) 469-6438