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When do need to obtain a Building Permit from the Building Division?

Nonresidential; All commercial improvements or repairs of any kind on private property, including work at a triplex or apartment site,  in Vacaville require a building permit but may be exempted by the Building Official on a case by case basis. 

Residential;  If you are a home owner or a property owner of a single family dwelling unit or duplex  the following list of items do not require a building permit for your residence or property, but the work is required to meet the California Building Standards and zoning codes:

◾solid wood fence (masonry walls are not exempt)  up to 7 feet high but always check with Planning for location and height requirements, 707-449-5140.

◾minor, like for like, electrical and plumbing repairs that do not extend existing wiring or piping. This includes emergency electrical, sewer or water line repairs.

◾Landscape improvements including the installation of irrigation system pipes and valves.

◾painting, wall papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, countertops, dry wall repair  32 square feet or less and similar finish work in a individual dwelling unit.

◾Swings and other playground equipment.

◾Decks not attached to the dwelling exceeding 200 square feet not exceeding 30 inches above the adjacent ground surface. 

◾Prefabricated Swimming pools less than 24 inches deep.

◾one-story detached building used for storage or a children’s playhouse with a floor area up to 120 square feet and without electricity, plumbing, or heating.

◾retaining wall up to 4 feet high measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall and not supporting a surcharge (sloping ground, foundation, fence, etc.) or hazardous liquids.

◾free standing prefabricated component, site assembled, or site built pavilions, pergolas and gazebos that do not have exterior walls ( i.e. opening and walls constructed and weatherized to keep out wind and moisture from the interior of the structure) regardless of their floor area size, do not require a permit.

◾Patio slabs and similar concrete work that does not cover a weep screed, block lot drainage, or exceed zoning lot coverage. Check with Planning, 707-449-5140,  regarding lot coverage requirements.

◾Window awnings supported by an exterior wall that do not project more than 54 inches away from the support wall and do not require addition support.

◾Water tanks supported directly on grade if the capacity of the tanks do not exceed 5000 gallons including rain water storage systems.

Always check with Planning 707-449-5140 for lot coverage, setback, location and height requirements for all decks, sheds, and fences prior to performing any improvement.  


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