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The Vacaville Youth Roundtable (YRT) was established in November 1991 when community leaders and citizens, concerned about youth issues, met to share information and resources.

YRT serves as a clearinghouse and forum for discussions of community youth issues as well as a 'think tank" for research and development of programs that are operated by other entities, such as a City department, School District, or community-based organization.

Participants include representatives from the City of Vacaville, area school districts, County departments, local businesses, churches, and community-based health organizations. Funding for most projects come from federal, state, or foundation grants; donations from the business community; and local government budgets.

The YRT supports the development of families and the role they play in nurturing positive behaviors among their members; promotes and reflects cultural diversity and supports self-esteem, personal responsibility, and healthy behaviors among youth.

The YRT has developed programs to engage youth and foster their initiative and leadership in developing new programs and activities. The YRT provides a vehicle through which the voice of youth can influence the health and well-being of the community.

The Vacaville Youth Roundtable meets the fourth Friday of each month at 7:30 a.m. at City Hall, 650 Merchant Street. For more information call 449-5371 or email to

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 The Vacaville Youth Roundtable envisions a diverse community in which
all youth are provided the support they need for healthy development.

Mission Statement

 The Vacaville Youth Roundtable will promote a healthy community by engaging all
community members, organizations and leaders to develop, support and nurture positive
assets in our youth.