Lagoon Valley Parking

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Mock up of a pay station ot be used at Lagoon Valley ParkCHANGES COMING SOON TO LAGOON VALLEY PARK PARKING AREAS

The City of Vacaville will be making changes to the way people pay for parking their vehicles at Lagoon Valley Park, while at the same time adding a measure of safety for park users.

It has always cost $3 for those using the park to pay to enter and use the parking lot. Many people, however, park illegally and don’t pay the $3 per vehicle entry fee, choosing instead to park on unimproved dirt or gravel areas or off the side of the road leading into Lagoon Valley Park.

While that might result in a savings of $3 for the user, it also creates a safety hazard for people who then walk into the park, sometimes right down the middle of the roadway into oncoming traffic.

As a result, the City plans to reconfigure the entrance to Lagoon Valley Park; install a new electronic pay station that accepts cash or credit cards; and a turnaround just past the pay station; and block off all illegal parking areas.

Along with the physical changes, increased enforcement of the parking rules at Lagoon Valley Park will also be implemented.

“This is not a new charge, or an increase in the fees,” said Community Services Director Kerry Walker. “The money we should be getting would have been used to improve Lagoon Valley Park. Our hope is to capture some of that lost revenue, and then use those funds to make Lagoon Valley Park a regional destination for our residents and visitors alike.”

Along with the $3 daily pass, a $50 annual pass is also available, Walker said.

Community Services Commission members will hear a staff report on the project at their Wednesday, April 5 meeting. Work will begin almost immediately, with completion expected near the end of May. A grace period will be in place to allow users of the park to become accustomed to the new entry features, and full enforcement is expected in mid-June. 

Picture of what a p[ay station set up might look like at Lagoon Valley Park

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