Streetlights, traffic signals, etc.

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The Traffic Safety Section of Street Maintenance is responsible for traffic signals, the City-owned street lights, street signs, lane striping, crosswalks and pavement legends. As part of our Performance Measurement program, goals have been established to:
  • Replace all missing street signs within five working days of report.
  • Repair City-owned street light outages within five working days of report.
  • Repaint all school crosswalks and legends annually. 
If there is a burned-out street light, whom do I call?

The City and PG&E each own and maintain approximately half of the City’s street lights. The Maintenance Division repairs street lights that are numbered beginning with the letter “C”. Please check the pole number and call (707) 469-6500 for repairs to City-owned lights. PG&E can be contacted at 1-800-743-5000 or to report outages of street lights they own.

If a traffic signal has a burned-out light or is not cycling properly, whom do I call?

The Maintenance Division at (707) 469-6500 will replace the burned out light and check for any cycling problems with a traffic signal.

If I see a street sign damaged or knocked down, who is responsible for the repair?

The Maintenance Division at (707) 469-6500 repairs and/or replaces any City maintained signs.