Youth Services

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The Youth Services Section offers many services to school aged children and their parents. The YSS is dedicated to serving youth and families (see brochure). Youth Services exists to help youth succeed at home, at school, at work, and with friends. The strengthening of the family unit, regardless of how large or small, is key to youth success. YSS staff has extensive training and expertise in dealing with youth and family issues. YSS is comprised of Community Service Officers, Family Support Workers, Interns, Master Social Workers, Police Officers and Support Staff. YSS staff offices are at the high schools and middle schools in Vacaville. We welcome the opportunity to provide service to your family. Services also provided to Spanish speaking families. Parenting classes are also provided for parents of strong-willed children. Download the Parenting Classes brochure.

Anger Management
Anger management group provides students with anger management information that explains the emotional and physical changes, triggers to anger, the effects of alcohol and other drugs on behavior, and ways to identify and prevent anger to manifest into violence. This group meets for eight weeks for 60 minuets after school at one of the local high schools and is open to high school teens. It is held at least four times per year.

Drug/Alcohol Group (Inisght Group)
The Drug Alcohol Group is an educational support for teens with issues related to substance abuse. It is a confidential group where kids receive support and education on the affects of drugs, alcohol, addiction and recovery. The group is offered four times a year and meets once a week for 60 minutes at a local high school and is free to Vacaville teens.

The Diversion program is an option for first time arrests for juveniles who live in Vacaville. The Juvenile is scheduled for a Diversion Hearing and the juvenile and parent(s)/guardian(s) report to Diversion Hearing together. The juvenile must take responsibility for their actions/behavior and admit guilt to the charges (if the juvenile claims innocence, the case is forwarded to Solano County Juvenile Probation). The Diversion Team (Police Officer and Master Social Worker) conducts a thorough assessment of the case and the circumstances and behaviors that may or may not be involved directly with the case (e.g., school behavior and discipline, home behavior and discipline). If accepted by the Diversion Team the Juvenile pays a $50 program fee and is assigned a six-month diversion contract. The contract may consist of any or all of the following: Alcohol & Drug Awareness Prevention Training (ADAPT), community service, counseling, drug & alcohol group, drug testing, essay, letter of apology, Anger Management Group, Parent Project or Parent Project Jr., Petty Theft Class, and/or the Prison Outreach Program (POP). In most cases, the Police Officer is responsible for enforcement of the terms of the contract and the MSW is responsible for the oversight of the counseling portion of the program.

The Vacaville Police Department’s Diversion Program is a voluntary program. There is not a formal juvenile court record associated with participation in this program. At anytime the juvenile and/or the parent(s)/guardian(s) may request termination of the contract, resulting in the forwarding of the case to the Solano County Probation Department for further disposition.

Prison Outreach Program (POP)
Juveniles are referred to POP via referral process which may be initiated by several sources, including parent(s)/guardian(s), school staff, police officers, counselors, friends, self referral, etc. A program packet and background check is to be completed by all members who are to participate in the program. (Participants must receive clearance by the institution prior to admission to the prison). Parents are encouraged to attend the program with the juvenile as a way to facilitate in-depth communication between the family members regarding the experience. The program consists of a tour of the California State Prison Solano in Vacaville, group and individual consultation with inmates, and counseling as needed.

The Vacaville Police Department offers the Prison Outreach Program on a monthly basis. Currently, POP accepts juveniles age 13-17. There is no fee associated with this program. The end goal is that juveniles are made aware of the realities associated with criminal behavior.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Prevention Training (ADAPT)
This is a drug and alcohol program for youth that provides a unique approach to teenage substance abuse. The program includes a tour of the coroner’s office, a presentation by a parolee, a presentation by a family whose life was severely affected by drugs and alcohol, and a process group which increases communication between the youth and their parents about drug and alcohol usage. Prior participants say that A.D.A.P.T has made a positive impact on their entire family. This program is held on a Saturday, at least four times a year.

Contact Us:
Two high schools have a Youth Services office on campus. The number for Vacaville High School is (707) 449-1820. Will C. Wood's number is (707) 449-6086. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.