Why Vacaville?

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Some of the factors to consider in locating your business in Vacaville include:
  • Location in the center of the Northern California Metro area, which includes the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Region. Vacaville is able to draw beyond the local economy by tapping the adjacent regional markets for labor, support industries, and customers.
  • Availability of Labor. Approximately one million employed persons live within a one-hour reverse commute to Vacaville. A one-hour reverse commute extends the labor market area to approximately 50 miles. This labor pool is highly educated and well trained.
  • Affordable/Available Housing. The median price of housing in Vacaville is $381,000 and prices have risen 6.8 percent over the last year.. Pricing remains approximately one-third to one-half less than that found in Bay Area communities, allowing a higher percentage of persons to purchase a home.
  • Access to freeway system. The access and visibility provided by I-80 and I-505 supports the economic vitality of the community and provides an audience for marketing efforts. Over 92 million persons travel through Vacaville each year on the two interstate highways. I-80 and I-505 provide excellent access to the main East-West and North-South routes connecting California to the East Coast, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Proximity to UC Davis. Vacaville is located less than 20 miles from the University of California at Davis, a world-class educational institution. The University’s emergence as a center for engineering, management, information sciences, and medical and biotech research makes it a magnet for related business facilities.
  • Premium Outlets. The Premium Outlets at Vacaville are among the largest and best-known operation of its type in the nation. They attract over seven million shoppers from throughout the region each year. Due to its strength, the Premium Outlets supports tourism and other retail stores in Vacaville.
  • Excellent Infrastructure. Vacaville’s infrastructure is new and in excellent condition. The roads, wastewater, drainage, and water systems are capable of providing services to a broad range of businesses.
  • Water Supply. The City has three completely independent sources of water (Lake Berryessa, State Water Project, and ground water) that provide a reliable supply even during long-term drought conditions.
  • Pro-business climate. For the last two decades, the Vacaville City Council has been very supportive of efforts to attract and retain businesses. Administrative procedures allow expeditious processing of development applications. Vacaville, for example, does not have a tax on utilities such as telephone, electricity, natural gas, water, or sewer. Vacaville has very minimal taxes on businesses. According to the Kosmont Survey, Vacaville is one of the State’s lowest operating cost cities.
  • Attractive Quality of Life. The City has several notable qualities that make it attractive, including: moderately priced homes, extraordinarily low crime rate, abundance of parks and open space, outdoor recreation opportunities, and low traffic congestion on City streets. Contributing to the attractiveness of Vacaville are the hillsides that frame the community. The hillsides were purchased and preserved and designated as permanent open space.
  • General Aviation Airport. The Nut Tree Airport is the only general aviation airport along the I-680/I-80 corridor from Concord to Sacramento. Capable of accommodating corporate jet traffic, the under-utilized airport provides convenient service to Bay Area and local businesses.
  • Travis Air Force Base. Travis Air Force Base is the principal economic engine in Solano County. TAFB contributes approximately $1 billion per year to the local private economy through salaries, purchases, contracted services, and construction.