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Map/aerial view of the E. Main District parcels

The East Main District, formerly known as Opportunity Hill, is an area of Vacaville located at the end of Main Street in Downtown Vacaville. The District encompasses an area almost 6 acres in size (5.93) and includes 30 parcels, broken down as follows: 

  • 16 parcels = 2.54 acres Wilson/Mason 
  • 14 parcels – 3.39 acres Depot/Bush/McClellan 

The properties were acquired by the former Redevelopment Agency from 1992 to 2007 using Low-Income Housing Funds.

On December 8, 2015, the City Council directed staff to perform a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) for the East Main District (formerly Opportunity Hill). Four interested parties completed the RFQ process and all were approved to participate in the RFP process. Three parties submitted responses to the City’s RFP and were passed on to a Review Committee comprised of staff from the City Manager’s Office, Community Development, Public Works, Utilities, Housing Services, and the chair of the Economic Development Committee. The three submitting parties were CFY/EGIS, Bay Area Urban Development (BAU) and Curt Johansen/Integral Communities/Signature Homes.

The Review Committee analyzed the proposals in accordance with the RFP guidelines with a focus on retail creation and adherence with design standards expressed in the Opportunity Hill Master Plan and Supplemental Guidelines (Attachment 4). A close review of each developer’s ability to finance other projects, as well as, retail marketing and speed of development were also considered. At the completion of the review, the Review Committee voted unanimously to recommend the proposal submitted by BAU.

On Tuesday May 24, 2016 the City Council instructed staff to develop an Exclusive Right to Negotiate Agreement with BAU for development of one or more of the three sites. This six month process will culminate with a site development plan for the proposed sites and a draft Development Disposition Agreement between Bay Urban Area Development and the City of Vacaville. The video of the presentation and discussion is below. 


Approved BAU Development Proposal for the East Main District



Downtown Vacaville is beguiling. It has character and charm. The historic buildings, Andrews Park,
and the people make a place where it is enjoyable to spend time.

From this excellent starting point, we are proposing a new development that will enhance the
downtown. We have proposed a plan for each of the three sites. Each site will have a somewhat
different character:


Site  Name  Development Title 
 Site 1  East Main Street Site  The Village
 Site 2  Mason Street Site  The Hub
 Site 3  Depot Street Site  The Orchard

The differences in character reflect each site's location relative to downtown, its topography,

adjacent streets, and Ulatis Creek. The Village, for example, is the closest to downtown and is oriented to E Main Street. The Hub is designed with the contrasting character of Catherine Street and Mason Street in mind. And The Orchard takes advantage of Ulatis Creek and the mature trees that line it.

Each of them fulfills the purposes expressed in the RFP, the RFQ, and the Opportunity Hill Master
Plan and Design Guidelines.


Site 1: The Village


The Village site is closest to the center of downtown. It is designed to have a more urban
character and somewhat higher density than the other sites. A north/south paseo provides access
through the middle of the site, allowing residents to access the retail spaces and East Main Street
easily. We plan to preserve the existing oak trees in the center of the site.

The multifamily building at the north side of the site provides a continuation of the street edge
along the south side of East Main. The existing topography steps down at this location which
facilitates the creation of parking behind the retail under the podium. This building has presence
to anchor the east end of the retail uses along East Main.

We have recruited a very desirable retail tenant to occupy the corner at East Main and Wilson,
which will draw pedestrian traffic along East Main, benefitting other retail uses in the

Site 2: The Hub

Site 2: The Hub

The Hub site fronts on Mason Street, an important traffic corridor, and on Wilson Street and
Catherine Street, quieter streets with a residential character. The site is close to the downtown
but does not have frontage on East Main, the primary retail corridor nearby.

We propose to develop this site with live/work lofts. The units along Mason have excellent exposure
to the automobile traffic traveling along that street. All of the units at this site have front
doors that face the sidewalk, inviting pedestrian traffic and activating the streetscape.

Businesses in these units therefore benefit from a central location and excellent transportation
connections. The residential portions of the units are raised above street level, providing
privacy and insulating them from the commercial space below.

A north/south paseo on this site links with the paseo on The Village site, providing a protected
route from East Main to Mason and creating a new link for the neighborhood.

Site 3: The Orchard

Site 3: The Orchard

The largest of the sites, The Orchard is oriented toward Ulatis Creek. The microclimate of the
creek is cooler due to the shade, the moisture from the watershed, and the cooler, heavier air that
accumulates in and travels down the creek. We have therefore set aside this area as open space
within the development.

At the terminus of School Street, we have created a small retail area that faces toward downtown
and will serve the residential and commercial uses in the neighborhood. Also at the western edge of
the site, we have included live/work lofts that face the street to enliven the pedestrian

In the center of this site, townhomes are proposed. This residential use takes advantage of the
Ulatis Creek amenity, the easy walking distance to downtown, and the excellent location within
Vacaville and the region.

Click here to view the full BAU Proposal.


On December 8, staff made a presentation to the Vacaville City Council on the East Main District program. To view the PowerPoint that was presented, click here. To watch a video of the presentation made at the meeting, click here. On December 8, staff made a presentation to the Vacaville City Council on the East Main District program.

Cover of the E. Main District guidelines book

To view the Opportunity Hill Master Plan and Design Guidelines, click here.

To view the East Main District Supplemental Design Guidelines, click here.